Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download it?

Here: on the Apple App Store

Is it available for Android?

No, sorry, not yet.

If you’re interested in an Android version, let us know on the support page. We may release an Android version if there is enough interest.

Can I sync between my iPhone & iPad?

Nope! We hope to introduce iCloud syncing in a future version.

How do I add a new giver?

Just type their name into the ‘giver’ field when entering a new gift.

Do you want to add their contact details (phone number, email address, etc) too? Then add them to your phone’s Address Book Contacts—using the Contacts app—first and save the contact; then you should be able to find them by name in the ‘Who Gave Me What’ app.

Can I use it to track sent gifts

You could, I suppose, but it’s not really designed for that.

There are several other apps on the App Store for organising your gift-giving, including managing budgets and lists of possible gifts. Who Gave Me What focuses only on tracking received gifts (at least for the time being).