Privacy Policy

We’ll do our best to respect your privacy & not to collect personal information unnecessarily. Any personal information we do collect will be kept only as long as necessary, and never shared without your permission.

This privacy policy covers the app (Who Gave Me What) and this website itself.

The App

Gift data & photographs

The app lets you enter information about gifts received & to attach photos from your device camera and photo library. It can also associate gift senders with entries in your device Contacts database.

All of this data is stored only* on your device (iPhone or iPad).

*App data is included in device backups, so if you backup your device to iCloud, this data will also be held in your iCloud backups.

We do not upload it to our own servers.

If you delete data from the app (for example, deleting gifts, or deleting photos), this data may still be retrievable using forensic tools. It may also still be held in iCloud backups.

Statistics & usage information

We make use of aggregate statistical information gathered by Apple about how often the app is opened, and how often it crashes.

This data is gathered and managed by Apple and we do not have access to the raw, personally-identifiable data. (That is: we cannot tell when you personally are running the app, or when it crashes for you—and we don’t want to know!)

Feedback & bug reports

We receive any information you enter in the support page on our website, including your email address.

We try to reply promptly to all support requests. Bug reports, suggestions and requests are kept on file for future development. (This includes your email address, and your name, if you provide it.)

We do not share this information with 3rd parties.

We do not use this information for marketing, or for any purpose except to respond to the original request/suggestion.

We will purge your name & email address from our records, if you ask us to.

This Website

Website access statistics may be gathered automatically. These are aggregate statistics, and you are not personally identifiable. We can see:

  • Which pages on our site are being accessed and how often;
  • Which external (3rd party) sites have links which people follow to our website;
  • Which search engine search terms are being used to find our website.